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BVLGARI Watch Burugariburugari Black dial BB38BSLDAUTO

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Was announced in 1977, ``Bulgari Bulgari`` is, of luxury watch pronoun. The ``BVLGARI`` brand, has been said to be the model that was established an impregnable position as a luxury brand in the world. W logo was symbolically engraved on the bezel ``BVLGARIBVLGARI`` is, emit the announcement at that time sensational impression in the world, it gave the impact of higher notify the brand power of Bulgari in the world. A simple silhouette, its carved is firmly ``BVLGARIBVLGARI`` style, combines a sense of presence and luxurious and powerful, you say that gem was born by the sensibility of the Italian jeweler unique. To dial portrait of 12 and 6, and in addition the ease of use of smart Sato visibility improved, with the design of a wide range of activity can be unchanged from business to daily, is a representative model of Bulgari.

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